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Le Méconnu Blanc…
An absolute discovery

Terroir :  Pouddingue
Method of cultivation :  Organic farming
First vintage: 2003
Grape Variety : Muscat Petits grains
Average age of the vines: 30 years
Yield : 30 hl/ha

Harvest :  The grapes are hand hervested
Winemaking:  In our cellar, the grapes are destalked and sorted
Aging :  The wine will aged for 4 months on lees in stainless steel tank
Bottling :  Between January-February

Tasting notes: On the nose we can smell the fresh grapes as well as some pineapple with a light herbaceous smell. On the palate we have a strong acidity that goes well with the dryness of the wine. On the finish the pineapple and the fresh grape comes back with light aromas of chamomile.
Aging potential : 2-3 years
Suggested service temperature : 10°C

Food and wine pairing: We would suggest you topair our wine with goat cheese but as well as other types of cheese