Our Estate

A remarkable domaine

We invite you to meet us at Domaine Bertrand-Bergé with an authentic family, deeply attached to its terroir. Located between Languedoc and Roussillon, Domaine Bertrand-Bergé is established in Paziols, a charming small town in the Aude region. It is accessible through pretty winding roads. More than six generations have succeeded each other, worked and helped o build the property. The Domaine Bertrand-Bergé now covers 36 hectares. During the 19th century, Jean Sirven, the great grand father of Jérôme Bertrand, had developed the direct sale of the domain’s wine and won the gold medal at the Universal Exhibition of Paris in 1900, demonstrating the quality of the domain’s wine. He had opened the way and the Bertrand family, to this day, continue the family tradition and works with passion and humility to constantly develop quality.

Combine the beautiful and the good, the authenticity and the exception and this is why Domaine Bertrand-Bergé stands out. Everything is thought out to reveal the best, with out cutting corners, while being demanding, rigorous, creative and passionate.