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Our products

Our passion has pushed us to harvest and develop complementary products, the expression of terroir, a know-how. The various products are currently in productions and are not yet available for sale. To be continued!

  • Olive Oil

We are curious about everything, therefore it was obvious to us that we plant olive trees, a Mediterranean tree by excellence. These majestic trees participate in the beauty of our landscape and our microclimate and terroir are perfectly adapted for its culture. We are eager to harvest our first olives and produce our first oils. Good things come to those who wait.

  • Vinegars

For some years now, Jérôme has been thinking about it and he wants to start a line of vinegars signed Bertrand-Bergé. Only time will tell but we are sure that this great vinegar will be a new curiosity for the domain.

  • Truffles

Black diamonds, truffles…patience they are still young.