Notre Domaine



Jérôme lives for his passion, a perfectionist to the extreme, even punctilious and does not cease to face challenges to always move forward. He takes the time to reflect while listening to the enlightened opinions of his close relatives and his own good sense. Then when a decision is made, everything goes very quickly, he becomes driven and gives the rhythm to his whole team. In love with his terroir, usually discreet, he becomes very voluble when he comes to share his passion for his wine.


Magali, who is Jérôme’s sister, is very rigorous, helpful and attentive. She accomplishes all of her tasks perfectly and in good humour.

She is like the whole Betrand family, passionate about her work and it shows.


Sabine is always at the side of her husband and she loves her work at the domain. It may seem to those who do not know her to be somewhat disorderly, but do not judge a book by its cover as she is efficient and fulfills her role perfectly. She knows what Jérôme needs and he can count on her to second him. She is very voluble, expansive, helpful, and she is the smile of Domaine Bertrand-Bergé.


Pierre, the father of Jérôme is the memory of the domain. He has a profoundly artisan soul and carries within himself all the values that are attached to this word. For some, he looks just like a pudding pebbles rolled up on some plots, a stern appearance but in reality, it is all roundness and kindness. He loves his trade and can talk about enriching his words with all the truculent anecdote of the domain and the village. He is very proud of the path taken by his son, with whom the shares a lot.


Bernadette, Jérôme’s mother, is always there to fulfill the tasks of daily life. With her, everything becomes simpler, childcare, preparing the meals, and she participates in the preparation of orders. She ensures that nothing is forgotten, she is always kind, helpful and the team knows they can count on her.


David is practically part of the family and loves the flexibility of his work. He is curious and conscientious, two essential qualities in both the cellar, and the vineyard. He thrives to acquire new techniques and is always seeking to perfect himself.

La relève !

Jérôme and Sabine Bertrand have created for the Domaine Bertrand-Bergé a web of advisory specialist who help them by:

  • Being a force of proposition
  • Validating the choices, thought out by Jérôme
  • Bringing the necessary external outlook to the action of the domain.

This team is made up of recognized specialist and allows the Domaine Bertrand-Bergé to avoid mistakes, to retain only the options that will advance the domain and the quality. Each one brings their knowledge, their reflection and their technicality in the following skills:

  • Vine techniques and the global biological approach
  • Oenology and development of quality
  • Communication strategy and design

Hervé Picard


He is a vineyard technician specializing in organic farming and biodynamic. Throughout the year, Hervé ensures a follow-up of the vineyards maintenance and prevention. His experience in biodynamic, global vision of the concept of terroir and landscape, his dynamism and his methodology bring a lot to the domain.

Claude Gros


An oenologist for over 20 years on Domaine Bertrand-Bergé and has become a friend of the family. He vinifies on several continents, brings his technicality and his vista. Available, attentive and helpful, Claude is a trusted partner.

Patrick Coindre & Christelle Clementi

Stratégie & Communication

They have accompanied Jérôme and Sabine for over 10 years to communicate on the values of the family, the exception of the domain and the quality of the wines (creation of the visual identity, image and graphic charters, semantics, packaging, prints documents and a new web site). They have the great pleasure in presenting this exceptional approach and appreciate the simplicity and authenticity of human relations with Jérôme, Sabine and the whole family.