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Proposition Tardive…
The most beautiful proposals are the rarest

Proposition Tardive... les plus belles propositions sont les plus rares

Terroir : Pouddingue
Method of cultivation : Organic farming
First vintage: 2006
Grape variety: Muscat Petits grains
Average age of the vines : 30 years
Yield: 1 glass by vine-plant

Harvest : The grapes are hand harvested
Winemaking :
Aging :
Bottling: In may

Tasting notes: This sweet wine has a hay color with some golden tinge. On the nose we have some pear notes with banana, also a floral side followed by vanilla. On the palate we have light flavors of caramel, herbaceous notes and candied pear.
Aging potential :  10 years
Suggested service temperature : 10°C